Plumbing Vertical Farms

Plumbing Vertical Farms

Head loss 

You will lose pressure (head) from friction. So one of the easiest ways to reduce head loss in your system is to use larger pipe sizes for the supply line to your towers. We recommend 2x the output of your pump. So if you have a 1/2" outlet, you should use 1" supply lines.
Sharp bends (90's) and tees also reduce head, so avoid them if you can. However, sometimes it is a trade off between using 90's and tee's and using a lot of valves to equalize the pressure between towers. Valves can not only result in lots of head loss, but are choke points for any suspended solids. As such valves can introduce the added problem of more clogging. Consequently, we recommend the use of 90's and tee's to balance pressure across towers rather than valves. Example of how to plumb single and double rows are shown in the Common Layouts Section. Another approach is to set up your feed lines so that the supply water comes from both ends of a long run.

Minimizing issues with solids in Aquaponic vertical systems

If you are running an aquaponic system it is important that you have adequate filtration on your system immediately after the fish tank. Gravity based filter systems such as radial and swirl filters should have a retention time of around 20 minutes. Failure to adequately remove large suspended solids will create ongoing maintenance issues in your system. 
Mounting the feed tees for each tower facing to the side or up with a drain valve at the end of the supply run will help prevent clogging. Periodic opening of the drain to remove captured sediment is easier than clearing individual towers.quick-mount-irrigation-detail-1000.png

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