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lettuce675transparentm-200.pngGroPockets turn PVC pipe into an ideal vertical growing tower. They work equally well for both aquaponic and hydroponic vertical farms. Towers are made by gluing GroPockets over holes drilled on PVC pipe. The Gropockets hold a 2" net pot that keeps the plant crown above the wet root zone and prevents nutrients from leaking. There is no media in the towers so plants are growing aeroponically in the empty chamber of the pipe. Water based nutrients fall from the top of each tower onto the roots. The water is collected at the bottom of the towers into a reservoir and is recirculated. 


Flexible plant densities

Towers can be any height. You can space the towers according the plants you are growing.  The most common spacing is 1 ft. apart but depending on the plant size you can go closer or farther apart. You can also select different densities of plants on the pipes themselves. 

Easy harvest and replant without media

There is no media of any kind in the tower. This means plants can be individually harvested and replanted at anytime without removing the entire tower. Without media to untangle the plants from, harvesting is quick and easy. Planting and harvesting takes no more effort than working with rafts or deep water culture. It has the added benefit of needing no supplemental aeration and allowing for much higher plant densities.

Vertical Aeroponic Grow Towers vs Rafts and DWCplantroots300-sq.png

Plants need both nutrients and oxygen. In deep water culture (DWC) oxygen is typically provided by air stones. This approach requires reqular cleaning and/or exchange of airstones due to biofilm built up. Airstones also oxygenate the water unevenly. Since the towers contain nothing but the plant roots, the roots have a constant supply of oxygen, superior to the oxygen concentration levels in water. High oxygen levels keeps harmful anaerobic bacteria from colonizing and insures maximum plant growth.  

Supported Plant Crowns for healthy plants

Unlike many vertical systems the plant crowns are supported away from the moist root zone, avoiding a host of problems associated with damp plant crowns.

Higher densities than most DWC / Raft Systems

Plants can be located on both sides of a tower. With the Quick Mount irrigation and mounting system, even a 10 ft tower can be easily lifted out and laid down for harvest and replanting without the need for a ladder or any special equipment. A typical 10 tower would have 38 plants each with an overall plant density, including aisles and inter tower spacing, of 19/plants per sqft. 

Better air circulation even with high densities

Towers can use artificial lights mounted vertically without creating hot spots and CO2 deficiencies caused by insufficient air circulation typical of stacked DWC raft systems. 

 Grow more than lettuce!

There are lots of leafy green plants that grow great in GroPockets in addition to lettuce. Here are just a few of them.

Leafy Greens
Chicory Choys Mache Greens
Spinach  Cress Mustard Greens
Purlane Mizuna Collard Greens
Radicchio Komatsuna Chinese Celery
Mibuna Arugula Chinese Broccoli


Herbs and Flowers
Basil Chives Lovage
Dill Parsley Perilla /shiso
Cilantro Amarath Cumin
Endive Catnip Stevia
Nasturtium  Salvia  Viola



Trellising Plants Style Towers
Tomatoes Snow Peas
Cucumbers  Sugar Snap Peas
Melons Malibar Spinach
Beans Crowder Peas

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