Chicken Tractors & Coops

6 ft. wide x 10 ft. long x 7 ft. tall 

Build your own or buy fully assembled all metal Chicken Tractor or Coop 

These are a fraction of the cost of other comparable offerings. In addition it allows with better access and more features. The kits provide all the hardware fittings and instructions to turn 3/4" EMT from your local hardware store into a lightwieght, yet rugged frame. 

Wood vs. steel chicken tractors and coops

While wood coops and tractors area cheaper to build or buy they do not have the durability of steel. They are also significanly heavier and more difficult to move, particulary wet.  Wood tractors can also be more difficult to service.

Chicken Coop or Tractor Features

  • Exceptional mobility and easy steering with optional wheel kit
  • Adjustable height pull bar
  • 16" wheels to minimize field obstacles
  • EMT Conduit Chicken TractorAdjustable height wheels provide up to 8" of clearance from pature obstacles
  • 7 ft. arched ceiling provide plenty of ventilation and walking room for servicing 
  • All metal so its both long lasting and light
  • Stainless steel fittings hardware 
  • Bolt together construction for quicker builds
  • Uses inexpensive galvanized 3/4 EMT tubing available from local suppliers for frame
  • Pad lockable door
  • 1/2 hardware cloth through out attached with stainless steel zip ties for predator protection
  • Multiple easy tie down points for high wind anchors
  • Use as tractor in the warm seasons and as a greenhouse in the cold
  • During winter additional clear plastic can be used to cover mesh panels with standard tarp clips
  • 2 ft high shelf to hold 6 gallon bucket for waterers underneath
  • Space for automatic chicken door 
  • Mineral Trough for calicum, grit, and other suppliments


  • Wheel kit all hardware and wheels needed to make your coop or tractor mobile
  • Custom Heavy Duty Predator resistant Tarp 18mil
  • Shelf supports for chick nighttime predator protection with raised poultry flooring  
  • Dual nest box shelf so that nest boxes move with the unit
  • Hooks for hanging feed and/or water
  • Roost bar attachment hardware
  • Custom predator proof cover
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