Painting Chimney Flues

Painting Chimney Flues

Using high temperature paint is an inexpensive way to finish off a castle build.

Here is a 4" castle build without any covering:

Here is the 4" castle build with no covering.

This is a 4” castle build painted with Stove Bright Moss Green Metallic with Mojave Red caps.

If you plan on painting to finish off your flues, you may want to take a little extra care which direction your flues face. As you can see the top flue of heat riser column to the right shows the production imprints facing to the front. This would like nicer if these faced toward the wall or the other stack of flues.

Stove Bright spray paints come in a larger variety of (light and dark) colors than what might be available at your local big box store.

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