GroPocket Bundles

GroPocket Bundles

These Kits are for 4" Thin Wall Pipe

We recommend you use 4” thin wall S&D pipe for towers of GroPockets. They are lighter and easier to handle, not to mention about half the price. Thin wall pipe is generally used for non pressurized applications such as sewer and drain pipe, hence the term "S" & "D" for sewer and drain. Although we have quick mounts for metric and Schedule 40 pipe, you must ask specifically for them.

Why 5ft & 3 ft towers

Usually, this pipe is readily available in 10’ pieces. The first option is to cut it into 2 pieces for towers which are roughly 5 feet tall. The second is to cut the pipe into 3 pieces which are a little more than 3 feet tall. This works well for windows or porch railings.

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