Pumps for Vertical Farming

Pumps for Vertical Farming

Most pumps are designed for recirculating systems which optimize for volume and not lift, or head. With vertical grow towers, the opposite is required, you need lower volume and high head, or lift. You need typically at least 3 feet more head than the top of the towers. Depending upon the location of your sump tank or reservoir you may even need more.  

Using commonly available circulation pumps to accomplish the required lift, you may need to buy a larger pump than you otherwise would need. This sort of pump will use more electricity to do the same work and is usually more expensive. Our pumps are low volume, high head pumps using a relatively small amount of electricity. They can all be powered directly by solar panels.
These pumps are all submersible and work with DC from a battery or an A/C adapter. They have ½” male threads on both the inlet and outlet.
The number in the "# of towers" column assumes a 6 ft tower. 

Pump Head/ft    GPH    DC   Watts       Amps  Solar  #Towers
Class B     16 135 12v      17      2  Yes    4
Class C     26 300 12v      35      3  Yes    10
Class D     36 360 24v      55      3  Yes    15

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