Reservoir - Fish Tank Sizing

Reservoir - Fish Tank Sizing

Reservoir Sizing & Requirements for Hydroponics

Hydroponic nutrient suppliers can probably provide the best guidelines since the nutrient density is maintained by the hydroponic salts added. If you use too large or small of a reservoir, the density will not be correct.

Reservoir Sizing & Requirements for Aquaponics

These calculations are intended for an aquaponic system with only GroPockets. To figure the number of fish and the size of your reservoir, you need to know

  • the number of GroPockets,
  • the height of your towers compared to the top of the water in your reservoir,
  • the flowrate (gph) (at that height) of your pump.

These calculations are only approximations to give you a rough idea of the range of tank sizes you should consider. Keep in mind you will be losing water from evaporation and plants so you should go larger rather than smaller. Also the fish requirements are computed slightly high.

 Calculation of Fish Requirements for Vertical Aquaponic Towers

1st divide the number of Gropockets by 12 to yield a quantity of (pounds of fish). Each pound of fish should have at least 5 gallons of water.

2nd do another calculation related to your pump. Look on a pump curve to see what the gallons per hour of your pump is at the height of your towers. Divide this GPH by 10; this is your minimum tank size.

Whichever of these calculations yields the largest number is the minimum reservoir capacity. The maximum capacity is roughly twice the minimum capacity.

Rubbermaid 50 gallon stock tank

Example # 1:
36 GroPockets / 12 = 3; 3 x 5 gallons = 15 gallons 
300 GPH at 6' / 10 = 30 gallons
Min tank: 30 gallons; Maximum tank: 60 gallons
Example # 2:
100 GroPockets / 12 = 8; 8 x 5 gallons = 40 gallons
300 GPH at 6' / 10 = 30 gallons
Min tank: 40 gallons; Maximum tank:100 gallons


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