Tower Frames

Tower Frames

Wood vs Steel

Frames to hold the towers and irrigation lines can be made from either wood or galvanized steel. Both work with the Quick Mount system. We supply plans for how to build wood frames and we can supply kits for frames made from steel. Wood frames are basically more work to build and maintain but cheaper upfront.
Galvanized steel frames on the other hand are faster and easier to assemble, longer lasting, and have a smaller visual profile. However steel frames are more expensive and incur shipping.

Wood Frames

  • Use local materials - so no shipping cost
  • Materials are also cheaper
  • Wood must be sealed against rot and insects and maintained overtime
  • Require more tools and skill to construct
  • Require more labor to build
  • Take longer to build


Pre-cut and ready to assemble
Rot and insect resistant
No power tools required for construction
Faster building time
Smaller visual footprint
More expensive materials and shipping

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