Towers for Vining Plants

Towers for Vining Plants

In addition to leafy greens you can grow vining plants.  However, because they have larger root systems their spacing and planting is different. short-vining-400.pngtomatoetowers-400.png

Short vining plants - such as snow peas

Vining plants that only grow 4-6 ft. such as snow peas can be grown in towers to gain the same aeroponic growing advantages. A short tower of 2-3 feet with 2-4 pockets at the top allow room for the roots to trail down in the pipe and the vines to be easily trellised at a nice working height.

Longer vining plants - such as tomatoes and cucumber

Plants that develop massive vines in excess of the 4-6 ft. can be grown with traditional “lean and lower” trellising systems. A tall tower, typically 5 ft. or so is used with the same 2-4 pockets at the top of the tower. The taller tower allows additional room for roots to grow the length of the pipe.

A single row of towers is flanked on either side with the “lean and lower” trellis wires. The vines are trained with the lean and lower trellis spools to circle the interior towers.

If you have an aquaponic system and you have room, we basically recommend using sandponic style media beds for longer vining plants like tomatoes, because the sand provides denser housing for microbiology without losing floor space or convenience.

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