6" Rocket Heater Barrel Build

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Product Overview


 This kit includes -

  • Painted (black) Steel top plate one end cut to match steel drum
  • Divider plate (used to separate exhaust gasses from the air to be used in combustion) 
  • Circular gasket to go between the barrel and the top plate
  • Stainless Steel Draw Latches attached to base to keep the barrel from being knocked over
  • Instructional video on how to build the tiled wood-burning heater
  • 6" Dragon Rocket Burn tunnel with feed tube, heat riser, and gaskets.

In order to complete this build, you will need a 55 gal. steel drum and 4" thick concrete blocks. Also, you will need either some fire clay bricks or the optional circular Barrel Supports.


A 26" circular Barrel Cap to fit over the top of the steel drum. It is cast from conductive refractory. It is 1½" thick and weighs 72 pounds. The material it is made from will conduct and store the heat from the exhaust.

Half-round Barrel Supports to form the round end of the wall made from 4" thick concrete blocks. These pieces have a generous 6" hole for connecting 6" stove pipe on its way up through your roof.


The Barrel Build kit is delivered on a pallet via LTL freight. Estimated costs to your location can be furnished. Variables include:
  • distance from Houston, TX
  • residential or commercial destination
  • large city or smaller town
  • whether or not a liftgate is required