Building a GroPockets Tower

Building a GroPockets Tower

Click here for detailed instruction on building a tower

We recommend that you build your stand first and secure it in place before building the towers. This gives you an easy, safe location for your towers as you complete their construction.

Updates and comments on the assembly video

  • Murray is using Sch. 40 pipe; we recommend the thin wall S&D as discussed above (way cheaper and less weight). The thin wall pipe is not fragile.
  • The template can start at 4” from the top of the pipe with the quick mount system 
  • Masking tape on the template will hold it in place while you mark the pipe 
  • If you are making lots of towers, two templates taped together will speed your work 
  • The spring device for the drill is no longer being manufactured.

Marking the Pipe without a template

However, the GroPocket itself can be used as an alignment and marking guide for the pipe if you only place one pocket per row. Start your 1st pocket around 4 to 4.5 " from the top. With a pencil, mark the top and bottom of the pocket with a dash. Make a circular mark 2¾" down for the location of the pilot bit of a hole saw. Use the GroPocket again to line up the next Gropocket. Place the left or right hand side of the pocket even with the previous pocket and use the opposite side for marking. This will line up the next pocket rotated half-way from the 1st.  Continue with this until your pipe is marked. 

Drilling Holes 

In America use a 2 inch hole saw to drill holes in the pipe.
Use some type of jig to hold the pipe in position while drilling the hole

Gluing the Pipe

Apply PVC cement to both the GroPocket and the perimeter of the hole just drilled. There is a notch on the top of the GroPocket, indicating the center of the part. Place this notch over the dash you marked on your pipe for the top of the GroPocket. It is important to leave some pipe (at the bottom of the drilled hole) exposed at the bottom of the pocket. Otherwise, the irrigation water will follow the outside of the pocket rim (and drip down the outside of the pipe) because of surface tension.
To secure the GroPocket in place while the PVC glue dries, you can hold it a few minuets till it dries or use nylon ties. If you make a mistake, sometimes you can use a toothpick or other small tool to add more glue and press again. If not, you can use silicone on the inside of the pocket to seal small gaps.

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