Overhead Trellis Spools with Clips -pk 10

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Product Overview

10 Overhead Trellis Spools w/ 100 Clips

With a wire frame overhead your bed, you can use these spools and clips to support vining and top-heavy plants anywhere in your growing bed. The spool is designed to be suspended from one end onto anything (wire, string, cattle panel, etc.) which can support the weight of the growing plant. The spool has 15 meters (48+ ft) of string. Unspool what you need to reach where the plant needs support. Then, start at the bottom of the vine or plant clipping the plant into the string and readjust as more of the plant is supported. It is easy to adjust the position of the clips as the plant grows.

The clips will not bind the plant as it grows and it easy to add more as your plants fruit. Unlike a traditional trellis at the back of the bed, these allow you to place vining plants anywhere in the bed. In aquaponics, where traditional spacing does not apply, this is especially important.

When you are cleaning up your beds at the end of the growing season, you can also take down the string spools and clips for re-use next time.