Barrel Support for 4" Rocket heater

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Product Overview

This item provides partial support for a 30 gallon steel drum with a 6" exhaust opening. It was designed to go with the 4" Barrel Build kit.

We found that 4" stove pipe is more expensive than 6" stove pipe and the 4" burn tunnel will work just as well with a 6" stove pipe. It is the only size where an increased stove pipe size is recommended.

Steel ties between your cement bricks and the firebrick are not recommended since the expansion rate of steel is greater than the fire clay and or mortar, this will cause the mortars to crack and break. We have include 2 strips of a high temperature mineral mesh that is stronger than steel and will keep your barrel supports and cement blocks bound together.

The grooves towards the edges are for the divider plate and gaskets provided with the 4" Barrel Build Kit.


  • 2 semicircular firebricks with 6" stove pipe opening
  • Special non steel mesh to tie the firebrick to cement block 

It is not recommended to use a 30 gallon steel barrel with a 6" Dragon Burner. The steel barrel will get too hot.