4" Rocket Heater Core

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Product Overview

4" Rocket Heater Shippable Core

This burner is sized for a 4" or 6" exhaust pipe and a 30 gallon barrel. It includes the feed tube, the burn tunnel and heat riser.

We can ship only 2 more of the 4" Dragon Burners.

The heat riser is 24" tall. A taller heat riser can be provided upon special request. The burn tunnel is 9" tall, 19" long, and 6 1/8" wide.

If continually fed with 1.5" or smaller diameter sticks of wood, this combustion system will burn 15,000 to 20,000 BTU's worth of wood in an hour. It has the same efficiency numbers as the larger units.

Insulation Slab Option for installation of on Wood Subfloor

We offer a slab made from cast insulating refractory. The slab should be installed directly below the burn tunnel, then there should be an air gap of at least 1" followed a noncombustible material placed on the wood subfloor.