8" Rocket Heater Core

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Product Overview

This burner is designed for a 8" exhaust pipe and 2 55 gallon steel drums. It includes the feed tube, burn tunnel, and heat riser.

This core will produce more heat than a standard 8" rocket heater. The 6" is comparable to a traditional 8" rocket heater. If you install this with only one 55 gallon barrel, you must use extreme care to protect surrounding walls and unsuspecting people from the excessive radiant heat this core can produce.  

The heat riser is 36" tall. The burn tunnel is 14 1/8" tall 33 1/8" long and 9 3/4" wide.

Insulation Slabs Option for installation of on Wood Sub-floor

These are two slabs made from cast insulating refractory. One slab should be installed directly below the burn tunnel, then there should be an air gap of at least 1" followed by the 2nd slab placed on the wood sub-floor.


This item is shipped via LTL freight and the exact price depends on the distance from Houston and the relative size of the town in which you live. It also makes a difference whether the address is residential or commercial and whether or not you need a lift-gate. We can quote you the exact price with your zip code and these details.