Barrel Cap for 55 gallon steel barrel Rocket Heater

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Product Overview

This rocket heater barrel cap fits a standard 55 gallon steel drum. The barrel cap is cast from a dense refractory with a special high temperature mesh for reinforcement in the middle. On the underside, it has a groove for the rim of the metal drum. A barrel gasket to fit in that groove is included. The gasket keeps the exhaust gasses from entering your living space. The refractory serves as thermal mass in your system, providing additional heat storage for your rocket heater.

It has a groove at 24" which fits perfectly over the rim of the steel drum. It is 26" in diameter and 1½" thick. Use it with any of these rocket heaters:

  • 6" portable metal box or
  • 6" barrel build or
  • your own rocket mass heater design which incorporates a 55 gallon steel drum

For best results, we recommend cutting the steel top out of your barrel just inside the welded rim. The exhaust will hit the barrel cap directly. The refractory material can handle the high temperatures better than the steel of the drum adding longevity to your system.

You can also heat food on the warm surface.

To dress up your rocket heater, paint the cap with any of our high temperature paint colors. The pictures above show the cap plain and painted.