Stainless Steel Fish Tank Heat Exchanger

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Product Overview

This product is included in all the aquaculture heating packages, but is listed here if it is being purchased separately for some reason.

Liquids with a high quantity of suspended solids will foul heat exchangers and particularly heaters if they are circulated directly. The high temperatures of heating elements cause these solids to precipitate out and bake onto the elements resulting in gradual degradation of performance. This is why Fish Sweaters uses an indirect approach to heating.  

Corrosion Resistant, - The heat exchanger placed in the tank is a spiral of annealed 316 stainless steel tubing designed for heat exchanger applications and is highly resistant to corrosion.

 Fish Safe – 316 Stainless Steel is freshwater fish safe.  There are also no connections in the tank to insure that chemicals such as those used with solar hot water systems cannot enter the fish tank accidently. Natural water movement in the tank constantly cools the spirals so they are not a threat to fish if they bump into the spiral.

Leader pipe - The spiral comes with either a 3’ or 4’ long leader that connects the spiral at the bottom to the top the tank. This one is 3 feet, but if you have a deep tank you will need order the 4 version.

Connection to pump station-In addition to the leader pipe the spiral pipe includes 3 more feet that are covered with 1” insulated to reduce heat loss. At the end of the connecting pieces are standard ¾” male fittings to connect to the supply and return sections of the pump station.

If you need to position your heater and pump station away from the tank, you will need to purchase a custom run of connecting pipe or supply your own. If you elect to supply your own be sure to only use ¾” or larger copper, iron or stainless steel pipe with at least 1” insulation. Pex can only be used if only Gas is being used, other sources of heat are too hot for pex. Iron is not recommended without the addition of an air eliminator. 


  • 28” x 36”
  • Maximum Tank Temperature – 135F
  • Side or Bottom Mounted
  • 7kw, 25,000 BTU/hr capacity

The high shipping charge is because the spiral requires an oversized box.