4' wide Potato Hut - Local Pickup Only

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4ft wide potato hut - Local Pickup Only

This potato hut provides the perfect setup for growing  potatoes year round with sweet potatoes in the summer and Irish potatoes in the winter. This allows you to moderate the climate of potatoes outdoors by giving them the advantages of both a greenhouse and outdoor growing without having to move your buckets in and out to protect them from weather events. 

    • An easily removed greenhouse film for frost protection or restricting rain at the end of a harvest
    • A tall border for confining wood chips around buckets of growing potatoes to help insulate buckets from extreme heat and cold.
    • An adjustable height trellis to keep vines and stocks upright for protection, proper photosynthesis and shading  
    • Can be any length in 4ft increments


    • Special coasted steel with corrosion resistant coating for extra long life 
    • 304 Stainless Steel hardware
    • Portable and can be easily disassembled for removal 
    • Available in 4 different colors
    • Quick and easy assembly requiring no special tools
    • 4 ft will accommodate 9  10 gallon pots or 4  17 gallon buckets


    • 17" tall bottomless steel perimeter to containerize wood chips
    • galvanized steel hoops for supporting a cover
    • An string trellis which can be raised and lowered on the hoops
    • An appropriate sized piece of 6mil long life greenhouse plastic to fit over the hoops
    • Clips for securing the plastic to the rim of the garden bed