Conductive Refractory by the Bag for casting

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Product Overview

A seventy-five pound bag of conductive refractory. It has similar characteristics to dense fireclay bricks.

This item would normally be used for caps or other items which are supposed to store and slowly radiate heat. We use it to cast our Barrel caps and barrel supports (4" and 6").

From a shipping cost standpoint, it only makes sense to order this from us if you are ordering something else which comes on a pallet.

Here are the specifications of this product:

Maximum Recommended Use Limit 3,000°F
Melting Point 3,290°F
Pounds per cu. ft. 140-145
Cubic feet per bag  .5357
Water required for mixing (by weight) 10-13%
Quarts of water per 75# bag 3.5-5
Modulus of Rupture @ 1,500°F (psi) 400-500
Cold Crush @ 1,500°F (psi) 1,200-1,300
Thermal Conductivity @ 1,500°F 8.45 "K"