Insulative Refractory by the Bag for casting

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Product Overview

A forty pound bag of insulative refractory. This item would normally be used for a pad which insulates a wood floor from the heat of a burn tunnel. From a shipping cost standpoint, it only makes sense to order this from us if you are ordering something else which comes on a pallet.

Here are the specifications of this product:

Maximum Recommended Use Limit 2,000°F
Melting Point 2,380°F
Pounds per cu. ft. 64
Cubic feet per bag  .641
Water required for mixing (by weight) 40-45%
Quarts of water per 40# bag  
Modulus of Rupture @ 1,500°F (psi)  
Cold Crush @ 1,500°F (psi) 170-220
Thermal Conductivity @ 1,500°F 2.3 "K"