600 Microns Mesh Bag

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Why you should not use paint strainer bags

Paint strainer bags which are often recommended for compost teas are a bad choice because the openings are too small. If you use a paint strainer bag you will be throwing away a lot of your carefully grown microbes. This is particularly true for fungi, which are important for strong root development. Paint strainers are typically 120 mesh or 125 Microns. Your filters should be at least 400 microns to accommodate the larger beneficial microbes.

Greenlife Compost Tea Strainer Bag

  • 600 Microns 
  • Nylon Mono-filament - for long life and easy cleaning
  • Draw String Top - to go over the vortex aerator or siphon pump
  • 7" x 16.05"
  • Meets FDA regulations for contact under CFR21, section 177.1520